Yellowknifers win $1 million on Lotto Max ticket

A group of Yellowknifers won $1 million on a Lotto Max ticket.

Conecita, Pedro and Phoebe Patigdas; Arleen Vuorela; Wendy Meek and Maree Oglivie purchased their group ticket at Glen’s Your Independent Grocer on the day of the draw, May 18, according to a press release from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

“Conecita had checked the Lotto Spot! app and saw there was a big winner in Yellowknife,” Pedro told the lottery corporation when he called in to claim his prize.


“I thought I should take the ticket to the store and scan it. I didn’t actually think we would be the winners, but we were!”

After he scanned the ticket and learned they had won, Pedro said he ran to Conecita yelling, “Call the group! Call the group!”

“I don’t think anyone believed me at first. We were all so surprised.”

The group hasn’t made any plans for their winnings yet, other than to pay off debts and do some travelling once it’s safe to do so.