RCMP investigate Yellowknife woman’s sudden death

Cabin Radio News

Police in Yellowknife are investigating the death of a 24-year-old woman in Yellowknife on Tuesday.

RCMP and the territory’s coroner consider the incident a “sudden death” after the woman was taken to Stanton Territorial Hospital, though the death is reportedly not considered suspicious in nature.

The woman’s death comes within a week of 51-year-old Ronald Taylor’s body being found in the city’s Twin Pine Hill area.

Taylor was known for his work as a carver alongside his brother, Derrald, who paid tribute to Ronald on the CBC earlier this week.



“Me and him used to stand beside carvings and we’d brainstorm, we’d just look at carvings and decide what to do,” Derrald told the corporation.

“I think those are the times I’m going to really think of him, when I’m doing my work, because he helped me out a lot.”

Ronald Taylor is reported to have been homeless at the time of his death, which also remains under investigation.

Correction 12:06 May 22, 2018 – RCMP said the woman’s death was a confirmed sudden death, not a ‘possible’ sudden death as initially reported.