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Cabin Radio’s Very British May Long Special

This May long weekend, settle back with Cabin Radio and explore our Very British May Long Special with Adrienne Cartwright.

Adrienne’s nod to Victoria Day will explore the sounds of 1960s Britpop culture – from the Rolling Stones to Julie Andrews, from James Bond to Coronation Street, roaming through influences from across the pond.

“And there’s a special guest,” says Adrienne. “My mum! She was there. She gives us all kinds of fun details about altering school uniforms, picking up pirate radio, and mods versus rockers.”

Catch Adrienne’s two-hour Very British May Long Special at the following times:


9am, 1pm, 5pm

Meanwhile, Cabin Classics with Sarah Vaughan airs a royal wedding-themed special earlier on Sunday, from 9am till 10am.

Mornings at the Cabin returns on Tuesday, May 22, with Wheeler and Jay Bear hosting for the week.