Museum Café announces move to NWT Legislature

Yellowknife’s Museum Café will be moving to the nearby Legislative Assembly, the café posted to Facebook late on Monday.

“We are on the move,” read the café’s update. “We are going North, to the Ledge! Watch for updates in the coming weeks.

“You can expect all of the amazing food and service you have come to expect from our staff in a new environment.”


Museum Café – a popular and upscale lunch destination inside the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre – has been owned and operated by Chris Zouboules since 2013, when it reopened following a fire in December 2011.

Zouboules was the restaurant’s head chef before owning it. He previously worked at Thornton’s and Twist alongside a range of now-defunct Yellowknife eateries.

In an online comment, Zouboules said of the legislature: “It is one cool building. Smaller, so more intimate for the customer and me. I love to come out and say hi to the customers.”

The legislature has had trouble holding down a long-term tenant for its café space, to the right of the building’s main atrium.

Epic Grill lasted a year between 2015 and 2016, while Javaroma – the latest occupant – said it would close its legislature outlet as immigration rules are hurting the company’s ability to attract and retain staff.


No definitive timeline for Museum Café’s move has been set.