South Slave

Fort Smith forecast to experience warmest weather in 70 years

Last modified: June 28, 2021 at 8:26am

Fort Smith is expected to reach 37C on Wednesday this week, forecasts suggest – the town’s warmest weather in 70 years.

The South Slave municipality’s present heat record is 39.4C, logged on July 18, 1941 at the town’s former weather station when records were spottily kept.

The town’s current weather station – in use since 1944 – has never recorded a temperature higher than 35.3C, reached in 1981.


Environment and Climate Change Canada’s forecast for the week ahead, as issued at 7:30am MT on Monday, expects Fort Smith to reach 34C on Tuesday and 37C on Wednesday.

Some other forecasters expect Wednesday to be even hotter. AccuWeather forecasts 38C for Fort Smith while Norwegian weather provider Yr predicts 39C.

Fort Smith and other areas of the NWT are under a heat warning this week as parts of western Canada continue to set records for high temperatures. Lytton, in British Columbia, set Canada’s all-time record on Sunday with a temperature of more than 46C.

“A prolonged and dangerous heat wave will persist through Wednesday for some areas along the Mackenzie River, and Friday for areas near Great Slave Lake,” Environment and Climate Change Canada said on Monday.


“Some areas along the northern part of the Mackenzie River will see cooler temperatures begin to move in overnight tonight.

“Daytime high temperatures will climb into the mid to high 30s for parts of the territory. Little to no reprieve from the heat is expected, as overnight lows will remain between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.”