NWT Heritage Minute: Sheba the Lion

It’s time we had our own NWT Heritage Minutes. Cabin Radio kicks off a new series with a short history of a Yellowknife legend: Sheba the lion.

Sheba stepped off the plane from Tampa Bay in her new home, Yellowknife, in December 1976. She had been purchased by Al Seibel – whose time in the city would come to be dominated by his ownership of the city’s only, somewhat controversial lion.

Some people loved the lion. Some people… did not. Within two years, city council had passed an “anti-lion bylaw” and Sheba was sent into retirement down south.


Al and other former Yellowknifers unite to tell the story in our opening NWT Heritage Minute. As you would expect from Cabin Radio, we did not manage to keep it to a minute. Nowhere near. But we hope you like it.

Produced and edited by Luisa Esteban
Reporting by Ollie Williams
Camera operation by Emmanuel Ramos