$19M in rental support announced for the NWT

Last modified: July 29, 2021 at 11:06am

On Wednesday, the territorial and federal government announced $19.2 million for the Canada-NWT Housing Benefit to help struggling NWT residents with rental costs.

The money is set to span over the next seven years and will help with “direct rent assistance” for more than 500 low-income households across the territory, according to Ahmed Hussen, the federal minister of housing.

Eligible NWT households can get $200 to $800 a month to help support housing costs.


NWT housing minister Paulie Chinna said the money will help ensure housing is more affordable and secure in the territory.

“Residents know that stable, safe, and affordable housing is the foundation for which all of our priorities are supported like raising children, going back to school, caring for Elders, and working jobs,” she said.

“Without housing stability, the safety of our families and ability to do everything else are compromised.”

Chinna added those looking to apply for the program should contact their local housing authorities or district offices.

There are specific groups the funding is intended to aid, like people experiencing homelessness, seniors, persons with disabilities, youth, victims of family violence, Indigenous Peoples, low-to-moderate income working families, and those using public housing programs.


This program is part of a seven-year bilateral agreement between the federal government and NWT government under the National Housing Strategy.