Black bear spotted in Ndilǫ

Environmental officials are warning residents that a black bear has been spotted in Ndilǫ.

Mike Westwick, a representative for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, said officers received a call around 8am about a black bear on Latham Island. A wildlife officer spotted the bear on a deck but the animal darted away and has not been seen by officers since.

Westwick said two officers are patrolling the area and informing people about the bear sighting.


“It’s that time of year again – bears are out foraging for berries and other food as they prepare for hibernation. That means bear sightings should be expected,” Westwick said in an email.

There have also been a number of bear sightings in Fort Resolution in recent weeks.

One bear was killed in town for public safety reasons. Wildlife officials have set up a trap on the outskirts of town to catch and relocate another.

Westwick recommends preventing bear encounters by avoiding walking alone at night – especially in forested areas – carrying bear spray, and never leaving food or garbage unattended outdoors

If you do come in contact with a bear, Westwick recommends staying at a safe distance, not making eye contact, making yourself look big by raising your arms and spreading your legs, making loud noises, and backing away slowly until the bear is out of sight.


Anyone who spots a bear is encouraged to contact the wildlife emergency line. In the North Slave region it’s 867-873-7181, or 867-394-4596 in Fort Resolution.