Monday, 4-6pm: Northwords special with Cherie Dimaline

Cabin Radio presents a Northwords festival special from 4pm on Monday, June 4, featuring Nancy MacNeill interviewing author Cherie Dimaline. Here’s Nancy’s overview of the show:

Cherie Dimaline is the author of the Marrow Thieves, a book set in mid-apocalyptic North America, in a not-so-distant future, where humanity has mostly lost the ability to dream, with dire consequences. The story centres on a group of Indigenous people who are resisting the Government’s efforts to harvest their bone marrow, where this power still lives. The book was shortlisted for the 2018 Canada Reads debates held by CBC, against American War, Forgiveness, Precious Cargo, and the Boat People.

Cherie talked about her hopes for – and not for – the future, including the potential downfall of humanity, but also has some pretty helpful tips on how we could avoid it (hint: we have to listen to people), and how to pick a life partner that will help you survive in a zombie (or other genre) apocalypse. She discussed her characters, and why they were unexpected, even to her.


Yellowknife’s Northwords Festival was held this past weekend, and Cherie had a great time (kudos to the organizers and volunteers, and also to the mom of one very polite young man in Behchok’o). It didn’t get quite as heated as the Canada Reads debates, and she also discusses the now-infamous moment where The Marrow Thieves’ defender, Jully Black, called Canadian fashion icon (what does that even mean) Jeanne Becker out on national television. It’s been great for publicity, but she also talks about what that moment meant for the people watching.