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Yellowknife construction leader lists $2M property

A photo of Niels Konge's Utsingi Drive property accompanying its online listing
A photo of Niels Konge's Utsingi Drive property accompanying its online listing.

Yellowknife construction executive and city councillor Niels Konge says his Utsingi Drive property has been marketed at a little over $2 million as he’s looking to downsize.

Konge dismissed the suggestion he planned to leave the city, though he said owning a smaller property as his children head to school in the south would allow the family to spend more time elsewhere as needed.

Konge’s eponymous company moved to other premises last year, he said, leaving only Konge and family on the Utsingi Drive property the family owns.

“It would be a great place for a radio station,” he told Cabin Radio.



Listed by Century 21 for $2.1 million, the property includes a five-bedroom home, a second two-bedroom rental home, a shop, and office space.

“We just finished up a secondary residence in the back, that’s rented out. There’s good value here,” said Konge.

Konge will now look to gradually hand over some of the construction company’s affairs to others who have bought into it over the years.

“We have other guys who own part of Konge. They’re looking at a bigger ownership share, which we’re working our way through. The plan is not to have to be here so much,” he said.



“These things take time – they need to be trained, they need to be comfortable. A couple of years, probably.

“That was the plan when I started. One of my number-one business goals was to have and train apprentices because when I was coming out of high school in BC, we couldn’t get apprenticeships. We have to encourage people to continuously learn and provide opportunities for people over time.”

Asked how much interest had been shown in the opening month since the property was listed, Konge said: “It hasn’t sold yet. So not enough, obviously.”