RCMP in NWT secure online child luring conviction

Cabin Radio News

RCMP in the Northwest Territories say they have successfully secured a conviction in a case relating to online child exploitation.

No identifying details about the case, including locations or names, can be provided following a court-imposed publication ban.

RCMP said on May 30, as a result of a police investigation, an adult was convicted in territorial court of a charge related to child luring and sentenced to nine months in jail.

The investigation began in January 2017, focusing on a youth in a remote northern community who was identified as the victim.



“Protecting the victim is the primary focus at this stage,” said RCMP spokesperson Marie York-Condon. “What’s important to take away from this case, is that we have the ability to investigate this type of file thoroughly, bring it to the court process, and gain a conviction, thereby punishing those who have preyed upon the young in the Northwest Territories.

“We want any potential victims to know that if they believe they are being exploited, they can come forward and we can investigate the file thoroughly.”

In a statement, police reminded residents use of the internet to entice youth to meet for sexual acts, or to help arrange sexual encounters, is a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada.

“An adult communicating with your child in a sexual manner needs to be reported to police,” read the statement. “Remind children that the people they talk to on social media and the Internet aren’t always who they say they are. Teach children to alert you and report to police anyone who talks to them sexually, who sends your child nude images/videos, asks your child to send sexual images/videos of themselves and or asks them to meet offline in person.

“Speaking to children about internet child exploitation is important and should be started at a young age as soon as they begin using computers, smart phones and the Internet. Create a family media agreement for discussing safe practices for online behaviour. There are many useful age appropriate resources online to help safe guard children from being exploited.”