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Sunday, December 9

20:39 Reindeer. Nativity scenes. Dinosaurs. Yellowknife has it all this year – explore our guide to the city’s best-lit homes for the holidays.

Friday, December 7

15:11 Yellowknife police issued an unusually detailed account of an arrest on Friday, responding to allegations officers had assaulted a man and deleted video of the incident. Story by Ollie Williams

13:43 The Northwest Territories is enjoying an unprecedented year of lottery success – except people aren’t claiming huge wins. Two wins each worth $1 million have yet to be claimed, lottery officials confirmed on Friday. Story by Ollie Williams

13:00 Franklin Avenue was briefly blocked to southbound traffic early on Friday after a vehicle struck a telephone pole, police said. Story by Ollie Williams

12:51 Yellowknife’s cab drivers will hold a procession at noon on Monday to remember their colleague Ahmed Mohamud Ali, who died last month. Story by Ollie Williams

Thursday, December 6

14:34 The Northwest Territories is trying to attract more diamond manufacturers with a series of new incentives tied to jobs, investment, and even tourism. Story by Ollie Williams

7:21 Garry Bailey will serve a fourth term as president of the Northwest Territory Métis Nation. Story by Sarah Pruys

7:06 Amid reports of Christmas tree shortages across the continent, Yellowknife – parked among millions of trees in the surrounding forest – may be suffering too. Story by Ollie Williams

Wednesday, December 5

11:37 An Inuvik-born woman is joining the board of a national organization dedicated to the wellbeing of youth in Canada’s child welfare systems. Sandra Noel described to Cabin Radio her decade in foster care after moving to Yellowknife. Story by Ollie Williams

11:15 The City of Yellowknife flew flags at half-mast outside City Hall on Wednesday, the day of former US President George Bush’s funeral in Washington, DC. The decision puzzled some residents and angered others. Story by Ollie Williams

9:56 Amid a flurry of maps and signs, there is disagreement between the Kátł’odeeche First Nation and NWT Métis Nation over what may or may not be shared traditional territory. We spoke to the KFN, the NWT Métis Nation, and the Métis National Council. Story by Sarah Pruys

Tuesday, December 4

13:11 The CBC reports Inuvik’s swimming pool is to reopen next week after it was shut down in May.

12:04 An RCMP officer central to a year-long operation against Yellowknife’s cocaine trade says nothing will change until something is done to reduce demand. Story by Ollie Williams

7:56 Yellowknife’s Snowking took the unusual step of declaring “no crisis” as festival organizers launched their latest fundraiser. Story by Ollie Williams

Monday, December 3

17:36 The new operator of a treatment centre for teens will use southern-based senior staff working 10-week rotations in Fort Smith. SHIFT, the operator, says the strategy works. The director of community living in Cambridge Bay, where SHIFT once ran a group home, disagrees. Story by Sarah Pruys

14:58 A year-long Northwest Territories RCMP investigation into Yellowknife’s cocaine trade has resulted in charges against 15 people, police said on Monday. Story by Ollie Williams

11:49 If there’s a strike, not everybody walks out – some positions are agreed by the UNW and GNWT to be essential. Here’s a summary of those positions, with links to more information. Story by Ollie Williams

9:54 NWT curler Kerry Galusha has signed up to become the territory’s first KidSport ambassador, joining a nationwide list packed with sporting greats. Story by Ollie Williams

8:54 It’s not a political party, Kieron Testart insisted, as the MLA launched a “shared platform” for the 2019 NWT election. Testart says it’ll have a name, a policy book, and “ideally candidates in every riding.” Other regular MLAs appeared uninterested. Story by Ollie Williams

7:07 The City of Yellowknife has opened its community grant scheme to applications for 2019. Story by Ollie Williams

6:50 Yellowknife’s first 24-hour gym delayed its opening, claiming issues remain with permitting. Story by Ollie Williams

Friday, November 30

7:31 The CBC reports the NWT Brewing Co appears set to lose $100,000 through an equipment supplier entering receivership. The broadcaster also reports on the safety of jobs at Great Slave Helicopters as the company is taken over.

Thursday, November 29

9:41 Fort Smith’s Trailcross Youth Treatment Centre will return under a new operator, Nova Scotia-based SHIFT, by January. The news comes after the NWT spent half a year struggling to find anyone prepared to take on the facility. Story by Sarah Pruys

Wednesday, November 28

17:42 Sir John’s boys tied their game with four seconds remaining, then won 5-4 in overtime, in one of the closest finishes in Challenge Cup history. Our updated story

15:39 St Pat’s beat Sir John 7-3 in girls’ Challenge Cup hockey on Wednesday, securing bragging rights for the green half of Yellowknife. Story by Ollie Williams

12:32 More than 35 years ago, Patti-Kay Hamilton traded her skinning knife for a CBC microphone. This week, she’s publishing a book about it. Story by Sarah Pruys

10:02 The NWT’s Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission will raise its average assessment rate to $2.10 in 2019, a five-cent increase. Story by Ollie Williams

9:08 The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre could receive a significant facelift to address a litany of problems apparently resulting from its original design. Story by Ollie Williams

Tuesday, November 27

8:42 Norm Hill, who has passed away in a car accident aged 78, established the Hay River business which became Super A Foods and served one term as town mayor. Story by Sarah Pruys

8:36 Most of the Folk on the Rocks lineup is curated by a selection committee, but at least one act for next year’s festival will be chosen through an online submission process. Story by Sarah Pruys

Monday, November 26

22:21 Noodo Monster’s owners have confirmed the Yellowknife food truck is set to close, just one year after opening. Story by Ollie Williams

18:19 Sharp-eyed Yellowknifers may have spotted the arrival of an 11-foot muskox outside City Hall. If you’re wondering where it came from and why, all can be revealed. Story by Ollie Williams

14:34 The YWCA has rejected allegations it is mismanaging hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations received in the wake of October’s Rockhill fire. Story by Ollie Williams

13:15 The territorial government has issued a warning to Fort Smith residents over “large cracks” along a local trail. Story by Sarah Pruys

11:00 Yellowknife RCMP said on Monday Tina Black, a 39-year-old woman declared missing in the city last week, has been safely located. Story by Ollie Williams

7:58 Cheryl Hval, a former longtime resident of Fort Smith and Hay River, has received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers from the Office of the Governor General. Story by Sarah Pruys

7:35 Organizers of the Long John Jamboree say they are hopeful the event will go ahead in 2019 – but won’t know for sure until January. Story by Ollie Williams