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Saturday, October 20

14:38 Hay River and Fort Smith are trying to pay off a $50,000 deficit left over from the 2018 Arctic Winter Games by selling discounted merchandise and Chase the Ace tickets in both communities. Story by Sarah Pruys

Friday, October 19

22:19 Cabin Radio picked up its first-ever award at the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards gala on Friday evening. Story by Ollie Williams

11:42 Police in Yellowknife say they need to speak to anyone who was on the road or trails near Haener Drive on Tuesday night, as they work to solve the city’s latest gun theft. Story by Ollie Williams

7:30 Meet TJ Moore, Fort Smith’s new protective services supervisor: he’s responsible for the fire and ambulance departments, bylaw, and emergency management. Story by Sarah Pruys

7:27 The CBC reports on a little new information about the circumstances of a fatal plane crash outside Fort Simpson in August.

Thursday, October 18

15:49 The commander of Yellowknife’s RCMP detachment defended his officers’ decision to lock up a female sex assault victim, adding services available had since improved and a repeat was highly unlikely – but still possible. Story by Ollie Williams

10:42 Robin Mercer-Sproule, Abe Thiel, and a team of six canoeists from Fort McPherson are to enter the Northwest Territories’ Sport Hall of Fame. Story by Ollie Williams

7:59 Yellowknife’s #ShopYK local shopping drive is back, with a chance to win a $3,000 shopping spree just ahead of Christmas.

7:21 The CBC reports the Gwich’in Tribal Council has laid off two of its directors and a manager because of a budget shortfall.

7:12 Day one of legal cannabis in the Northwest Territories saw residents appear undeterred by some of Canada’s highest prices. Story by Sarah Pruys and Ollie Williams

Wednesday, October 17

14:37 Never let it be said your vote doesn’t matter. In Hay River, a candidate took the last seat on town council by ONE vote. Story by Sarah Pruys

13:49 We sent Wheeler and Ollie to buy cannabis. Watch the video

7:49 Opening up a cannabis sales operation means a new source of income for the NWT government. Here’s what happens to your cash once it goes up in smoke at the NWT’s cannabis website or your local liquor store. Story by Sarah Pruys and Ollie Williams

7:26 The NWT’s new cannabis website is live as sales become legal today. “There were only two strains available and they are both top-end sh*t that’ll destroy a rookie,” one early customer said. Story by Ollie Williams

Tuesday, October 16

13:34 Yellowknife’s new mayor-elect, Rebecca Alty, says big changes have to happen to keep the city on the right track. Read the full interview

00:51 Doug Gillard, the Yellowknife municipal enforcement manager, has been given a new position at City Hall. Story by Ollie Williams

Monday, October 15

23:04 All four female mayoral candidates in this year’s Northwest Territories municipal elections were voted in or acclaimed to lead their communities. Story by Ollie Williams

22:13 Rebecca Alty will be the next mayor of Yellowknife. Story by Ollie Williams

17:04 The federal government has issued final approval for a project to construct a new all-season road to the Dehcho’s Prairie Creek Mine. Story by Ollie Williams

15:16 Yellowknife’s largest landlord has barred tenants from cultivating or smoking cannabis inside its properties. Story by Ollie Williams

11:33 Premier Bob McLeod says the NWT’s plan to increase what it spends on infrastructure will eventually help lower the cost of living.

What the NWT spends on infrastructure has been a sensitive political issue, with the union calling for it to be cut back. Story by Ollie Williams

6:15 It’s election day! Read all of Cabin Radio’s Yellowknife election interviews here, and get our interviews with candidates for mayor across five other NWT communities here.

Join us live for an election special from 8pm – listen live on this website or using the Cabin Radio phone app as results come in.

Sunday, October 14

17:32 John Dalton seeks a return to Yellowknife City Council and says current incumbents have “lost the respect” of residents. Read his election interview

16:10 Chris Gillander, whose ‘wizard’ sign elevated his profile in the YK election, says he’s against unnecessary taxation and wants to pare back spending. Read his election interview

15:23 Mark Bogan wants to focus on transforming Yellowknife’s downtown if elected a city councillor. Read his election interview

13:44 Terry Testart can call on four decades of experience as a councillor and senior administrative officer in the NWT as he bids for a seat on Yellowknife City Council. Read his election interview

00:39 Edwin Castillo says he comes from Yellowknife’s first Filipino family, and half a century in the city marks him out as a candidate for council. Read his election interview

Saturday, October 13

15:35 Julian Morse put Yellowknife’s post-secondary future squarely at the centre of his bid for re-election to city council. Read his election interview

00:46 Dane Mason, who missed out on election in 2015, says his ideas will help residents get things done with less hassle, cause City staff less stress, and build Yellowknife’s housing capacity. Read his election interview