NWT approves new diamond manufacturer

The Northwest Territories government has approved a new company to manufacture rough diamonds mined in the territory and make them ready for sale as polished goods. 

In a Wednesday press release, the government said the agreement with Diamonds de Canada will ensure that manufacturing activities like cutting and polishing will stay in the NWT and provide local jobs and training. 

“As the GNWT’s diamond industry continues to diversify into the manufacturing of diamonds, residents will be exposed to new training and job opportunities that will strengthen their communities and the territory as whole,” Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment Caroline Wawzonek said in a statement. 


Diamonds de Canada uses an automated cutting and shaping system that it says minimizes its carbon footprint. It is now one of two approved diamond manufacturers in the NWT, alongside Almod Diamonds. 

The company plans to formally open this fall and is working with NWT artists to design artwork and packaging.