City releases draft of new zoning bylaw

Last modified: August 26, 2021 at 9:29am

The City of Yellowknife has released a draft of its long anticipated new zoning bylaw. 

The zoning bylaw regulates the control and development of land within Yellowknife including rules on the size of buildings allowed on private property. The city says an overhaul of the existing bylaw is needed in order to implement the community plan which was approved by the city in 2020.

According to the city, the new bylaw is shorter, clearer and easier to use. Changes include fewer zones, allowing urban agriculture, open option parking in the city’s downtown, a commitment to reconciliation, and downtown revitalization. Zoning in Kam Lake has also been updated to streamline regulations and allow for new land uses like agriculture, brewing and distilling, cannabis production and distribution, and convenience stores. 


“It promotes an integrated and responsible approach to community development, and allows flexibility and creativity in addressing current and future community needs,” Charlsey White, the city’s director of planning and development said of the bylaw in a statement.

The city developed the draft bylaw following consultation with residents, businesses, community organizations and Indigenous governments. 

The public commenting period on the updated bylaw is scheduled to run from September 6 to October 1 and an open house on the legislation will be held on the week of September 20. 

Anyone with questions or feedback on the draft bylaw is encouraged to contact