Arctic Inspiration Prize offers to provide feedback on project ideas

The Arctic Inspiration Prize organizers have put a call out for teams to write a letter of intent about their projects so they can receive feedback ahead of the October 13 deadline.

Winning teams have a chance to take home either the top $1 million prize, one of four prizes of up to $500,000 each, or one of seven youth prizes up to $100,000 each to bring their innovation to life.

Letters with questions about a project’s eligibilty can be emailed to until midnight on September 7.


“The [Arctic Inspiration Prize] is focused on ideas that can help the community. It is a resource that can help you realize your dream of making your community better, by bringing your ideas to life. It provides the opportunity to make the North stronger and better,” Glen Brocklebank, a 2017 laureate and trustee, was quoted as saying.

“If teams have submitted a letter of intent early enough, they have the opportunity to make changes based on the feedback received and resubmit their letter one more time before the deadline,” continued the news release.

The prize “encourages, enables and celebrates the inspiring achievements of the people of the North.”

This past February, two NWT youth projects won nearly $200,000 in Arctic Inspiration Prize funding.


The Beaufort Delta’s Western Arctic Youth Collective received $97,000, while the Yellowknife project Artspace won $100,000.

Shortly after the award ceremony, the Arctic Inspiration Prize’s NWT regional manager called for more applications, saying money was being left on the table.