Watch: A rider’s-eye view of Yellowknife’s new pump track

The Yellowknife Mountain Bike Club unveiled its new pump track last week, and the asphalt track outside the city’s Bristol Pit is already proving popular.

On its first few days, the track was a high-priority after-school destination for two-dozen kids.

“It’s called a pump track because you use your arms and legs pumping and you can go around the track many times,” said Gonzalo Espinosa, one of the club members who helped to develop the track.


“That develops your skills like handling, balancing, turning – it’s great fun.”

Espinosa said the eventual goal is to create an outdoor activity hub for Yellowknife, combining sports like mountain biking in summer with snowboarding inside the neighbouring former gravel pit in winter.

The track is nearly finished – the club just needs to put up some fencing, a sign, and add some more fill – and then members will start working on an expansion plan.

“[We want to] start developing some trails around here in our lot, and those trails are also dedicated for mountain biking and improving your skills,” said Espinosa.

Camera/Editing: Sarah Pruys
Reporting: Ollie Williams