Voting in Yellowknife? Check to see if your polling place changed

The growing Covid-19 outbreak in Yellowknife has forced some changes to polling places for the federal election on Monday, September 20.

School closures and the use of the city’s Quality Inn as an isolation centre mean some of the originally chosen polling places can no longer be used, but that may not be obvious when you head out to vote.

On Thursday evening, Elections Canada provided Cabin Radio with a full list of changes to polling places so you don’t end up heading to the wrong location on Monday.


The updated list came as some residents called for a change to the rules so people who are isolating can vote on Monday. As things stand, if your isolation period includes September 20, you’re told to stay at home and – if you didn’t use an advance poll or mail-in ballot – you will be unable to vote.

If you’re not isolating and are eligible to vote in Yellowknife, here’s what you need to know on Monday:

  • If you got a voter information card saying you are voting at a school, the location has changed. You should have received a second card in the mail with a revised location. Check the list below.
  • If you got a voter information card saying you are voting at Quality Inn, the location has changed. Your polling place is now at Centre Square Mall.
  • If you are wondering where to vote and this page doesn’t give you a clear answer, call the Yellowknife returning office on (780) 630-3870.

The image below shows the full list of changes to polling places.