Day shelter and sobering centre on YK’s 50 Street reopens

The NWT’s health authority says the day shelter and sobering centre on Yellowknife’s 50 Street resumed operations on Monday morning after almost a month of closure.

The day shelter and sobering centre, operated from the same building, closed within two days of each other in early September as a Covid-19 outbreak reduced the number of healthy support staff available to work there.

On Monday, the health authority said the day shelter had resumed operating from 7am until 7pm daily and the sobering centre would be open from 3pm until 7am overnight.


The authority said a full suite of Covid-19 protective measures was being used and capacity limits in place for more than a year would remain.

“Ongoing isolation centre supports will be maintained for homeless and underhoused individuals to safely isolate if they become Covid-19 positive to reduce potential for further spread in the community,” the health authority said in a statement.

The building on 50 Street reopens at a time when Yellowknife city council is considering an NWT government proposal to open a separate, temporary shelter inside the former Legion building at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and 48 Street.

In a statement, the health authority implied the reopening of the 50 Street building should have no effect on how the application to use the former Legion building is viewed.


“Yellowknife’s homeless population exceeds the capacity of our sheltering services and the opening of this service does not negate the need for more day sheltering space as winter quickly approaches,” the statement concluded.