Yellowknife man wins $20,000 on lotto scratch ticket

A Yellowknife resident is planning a family vacation after winning $20,000 on a scratch ticket purchased at the city’s downtown Reddi Mart.

Curtis Hardisty uncovered three $20,000 icons on a Set for Life Zing ticket purchased recently at the store. His win was announced on Wednesday by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, which names winners of large prizes to demonstrate its games’ integrity.

“I had to scan the ticket a few times … and take it back to the store to scan it there before I started to believe I had actually won,” Hardisty was quoted as saying in the lottery corporation’s news release.


“After that, I was really happy.”

According to the lottery corporation, Hardisty’s planned family vacation with the winnings is a family trip to Edmonton.

“It would be nice for us to have a family getaway,” he was quoted as saying.