Exposure at Fort Smith library, YK’s True Value Hardware

Friday’s Covid-19 exposure advisories from the territorial government affect two Yellowknife stores, a building in Fort Smith, and an Edmonton-Yellowknife flight.

Posting to its exposure advisories webpage, the NWT government said passengers were potentially exposed to the virus in rows 13 to 19 of Canadian North flight 244 from Edmonton to Yellowknife on Tuesday, October 5.

If you were in an affected row and are fully vaccinated, monitor yourself for symptoms and isolate if any develop. If you aren’t fully vaccinated and were in one of those rows, isolate for 10 days and book a Covid-19 test.


There are new exposure advisories over four days for Yellowknife’s downtown True Value Hardware store. Monitor yourself for symptoms and isolate if necessary if you were in the store between 10am and 6pm on Monday, October 4, 10am-2pm on Tuesday, October 5, 9am-2pm on Wednesday, October 6, or 9am-4pm on Thursday, October 7.

The same advice applies if you were at Rochdi’s Independent on Old Airport Road from 5:30pm to 6pm on Thursday, September 30.

Lastly, Fort Smith’s Mary Kaeser Library is an exposure site. If you were in the library from 2pm till 3pm on Saturday, October 2, monitor yourself for symptoms and isolate if any develop.