Exposure warnings for Yellowknife, Hay River, and one flight

Shoppers who visited either of two Yellowknife grocery stores at certain times in the build-up to Thanksgiving should monitor for Covid-19 symptoms, the NWT’s chief public health officer says.

On Wednesday, the NWT government published fresh exposure notifications for the city’s Co-op and Rochdi’s Independent grocery stores.

If you were in the Co-op from before 3:30pm on Wednesday, October 6, before 11:30am on Thursday, October 7, or before 3:30pm on Friday, October 8, monitor yourself for symptoms and isolate if any develop.


The same advice applies if you were in Rochdi’s Independent between 5:30pm and 6:30pm on October 6, 2pm and 3pm on October 8, or 2pm and 3pm on Saturday, October 9.

Advisories with the same instructions were also issued for Canadian Tire and the Crooked Whisker pet store, each between 2pm and 3pm on October 9, and for Yellowknife Airport between 4pm and 5:25pm on October 7.

In Hay River, the Big Lake Eatery and Café has an exposure notification for 2pm to 3pm on October 6 and 2pm to 3pm on October 7. Again, if that affects you, monitor for symptoms and isolate if any develop.

Lastly, Canadian North flight 245 from Yellowknife to Edmonton on the evening of October 7 now carries an exposure notification affecting rows 20 to 26.

If you were in those rows and are fully vaccinated, monitor for symptoms. If you are affected and are not fully vaccinated, isolate for 10 days and arrange a Covid-19 test.