Rob Warburton becomes Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce president

Last modified: October 15, 2021 at 1:32pm

The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce on Friday said Rob Warburton has become the chamber’s president, succeeding Tim Syer.

Syer will remain on the board of directors, the chamber said. Warburton, who co-founded the CloudWorks real estate investment firm, took over on Tuesday.

Warburton was appointed to the position, the chamber said.


“I am honoured and excited to lead the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce during such a pivotal time for businesses,” Warburton was quoted as saying.

“The pandemic has reminded us of the importance of community, the power of collaboration, and the resilience of Yellowknife businesses.

“I look forward to engaging with our membership and working with partners and stakeholders to continue strengthening the Yellowknife business community.”

Deneen Everett, the chamber’s executive director, said Warburton’s “entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of municipal issues and community development will strengthen the Yellowknife Chamber’s advocacy work and support our goal of creating greater prosperity through growth.”