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GNWT amends date for East Three junior kindergarten advisory

Last modified: October 15, 2021 at 9:39pm

The date of an exposure warning that affects families of children at Inuvik’s East Three Elementary School has been changed.

Originally, parents of all children who attended East Three’s junior kindergarten on Tuesday, October 12 were told “to immediately isolate and arrange testing for their children.”

Late on Friday evening, however, the NWT issued a correction. The territorial government says the advisory to isolate and arrange testing actually applies to families whose children attended junior kindergarten on Wednesday, October 13 – not October 12.


Children in East Three’s junior kindergarten classes from 8:30am till noon on October 13 must isolate for 10 days, the advisory stated. Parents must arrange a Covid-19 test for affected children.

“These are difficult requirements for young children and their families. Please be supportive,” the advisory concluded.

Inuvik is seeing the beginning of community spread, the territorial government separately said earlier on Friday. The town reported a total of eight active cases as of Friday morning.