Yellowknife to streamline grant funding programs


The City of Yellowknife plans changes to its grant funding programs that staff say will streamline the process.

Following a review of the city’s grant policy in 2019, a working group recommended changing the criteria for grants and greater involvement of the city’s heritage committee.


If the changes are passed, there will be one deadline of January 15 every year for the city’s funding programs.

Applicants will be eligible to have 30 percent of their budgets covered up to $10,000 for the community service and sponsorship grants, $50,000 for the multi-year funding grant, and $5,000 for the heritage grant. 

The heritage committee would be given oversight of heritage grant applications. 

“I think streamlining these is a really good step,” Councillor Julian Morse said on Monday. 

Councillors will vote on the proposed changes at their next council meeting on October 25. 


Meanwhile, the City of Yellowknife launched a new indoor space improvement grant on Monday, aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses offset the costs of adapting to Covid-19.

Eligible businesses can apply for up to $5,000 to cover the costs of physical distancing and online adaptations up to May 10, 2021. That includes the purchase of personal protective equipment, protective barriers, cleaning products, and online ordering services.

The grant applies to licensed businesses with no more than 20 employees. Applicable industries include food and retail, hospitality and tourism, arts and entertainment, personal care, and recreation.

Aquatic centre referendum gets green light 

As expected, councillors on Monday formalized plans to hold a referendum by mail-in ballot regarding whether the city can borrow up to $10 million to build a new aquatic centre


Residents must register to vote by October 23 to receive their ballot by mail. Eligible voters who do not receive a ballot, or who need help completing one, can access voter assistance centres at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre and the Multiplex. 

You can vote if you are a Canadian citizen, at least 18 years old, and have lived in Yellowknife for 12 consecutive months as of November 22 this year.

Ballots must be returned by pre-paid mail, dropped off at City Hall, or taken to a voter assistance location by 7pm on November 23.