Tuk trip miscommunication triggers search operation

Last modified: October 26, 2021 at 5:20pm

Two people who extended their stay at a cabin without telling anyone back home in Tuktoyaktuk triggered a search and rescue operation on Monday.

With an RCMP investigation started, a helicopter waiting for poor weather to clear before beginning a search, and search and rescue groups contacted, two friends of the men resolved the situation by reaching the cabin using a safe route and calling police via sat phone to declare everyone safe.

All four returned to Tuktoyaktuk late on Monday, police said in a news release. All are in good condition.


The two men had confirmed their safe arrival at the cabin on Saturday but never told anyone they planned to stay beyond Sunday.

“We are thankful the individuals were found in good health. They had prepared themselves for their journey and had a plan with a trusted person,” said Staff Sergeant Bruce McGregor in a news release.

“However, they did not advise of their trip extension, which created the situation in which a search and rescue was organized. 

“It is important to have emergency communications devices and to follow your plan or advise of changes. Not doing so can put search and rescue personnel at risk.”

RCMP said this was the second time in a month that a search and rescue operation had been launched “in a situation that could have ben prevented.”


Police thanked the two men who used their “detailed knowledge of the area” to reach the cabin using an overland route, find the missing men, and report their safety to RCMP. None of those involved were named.