Police say YK man ran illegal liquor store from his car

Liquor and cash seized by Yellowknife police in July 2018
Liquor and cash seized by Yellowknife police in July 2018.

RCMP have arrested a 38-year-old Yellowknife man, claiming he illegally sold alcohol from a Honda Accord.

A week ago, police received an anonymous tip about a black car “seen several times parked downtown engaged in possible suspicious activity,” according to a news release issued on Friday.

After investigating, officers arrested David Girvan and charged him with illegal sale of alcohol.

RCMP say they seized approximately $350 in cash alongside nine bottles of Private Stock and four bottles of Smirnoff vodka – and a 1999 Honda Accord.



“The alleged sale of illegal alcohol is not acceptable in our community, and is not victimless,” said RCMP spokesperson Marie York-Condon in the news release.

“We appreciate the assistance of the public in reporting the suspicious activity and encourage anyone who witnesses this type of activity to report it immediately.”

Girvan is due to appear in court on August 7.