Lekter lights up Cabin Radio with Nineties at Nine

Lekter leads off the new-look Cabin Radio daytime with Nineties at Nine, playing classic tracks from the best decade in music.*

At the Cabin, we’re thrilled to welcome back Lekter from a six-month round-the-world trip in which he meticulously researched the worldwide phenomenon of ’90s music.

Now he’s putting that knowledge into action, wielding the weapon that is 1990s pop, rock, and indie from 9am till 10am each weekday.


Lekter takes you through till 12 in a new summer Cabin lineup. Ollie is in from 12 till 1 with your lunchtime news from the NWT and the world, then Shannon’s punchy tracks blast you through the afternoon from 1 till 4. Greg’s waiting at 4 to take you Home To The Cabin till 6pm, when Cabin Radio’s nightly specialist shows kick in.

*Excluding all other decades