NWT promises better self-isolation plan system for holidays

The NWT government says a new system launching on Monday night will provide a “simplified process” for filing self-isolation plans in the months ahead.

Admitting the old system had been “overwhelmed” after isolation rules changed in June, the territory said on Monday the new version would be streamlined and easier to complete.

“The Covid-19 Secretariat has made changes to the system used by Protect NWT to ensure it can support the higher volume of SIPs that will be submitted during the upcoming holiday season, and in preparation for future changes related to leisure travel,” the territorial government said, using an abbreviation for self-isolation plan.


The territory’s online system will briefly close on Monday evening. A new version, replacing the old Smartsheet platform with one powered by Oracle Apex, is expected to be live by 8pm.

In a statement, Premier Caroline Cochrane said the new system “will provide the capacity and flexibility to carry us to the end of this pandemic.”