Tłı̨chǫ artist Morgan Zoe’s work featured on Purolator boxes

Behchokǫ̀ artist Morgan Zoe’s work can be found among contributions from 13 emerging artists to this year’s Purolator holiday boxes.

The limited-edition boxes feature designs from one artist representing each Canadian province and territory. In 2021, Purolator asked artists involved to create a design around the theme “light up the holidays.”

Zoe’s box depicts a person walking their dog through the firewood-scattered yard of a red house.


“Morgan implements and collides various cultural influences into his work that is inspired by a combination of science fiction, his Tłı̨chǫ heritage, and Dene peoples,” reads a biography for Zoe issued by Purolator.

“He is fascinated by the world and power of art and the impact it can have on people, history, and pop culture.”

Artists featured on last year’s boxes nominated emerging artists from their home regions for this year’s selection.

Last year, Fort Smith’s Melanie Jewell entered a whimsical design that tried “to capture young northern Dene love.”

“We’re thrilled the 2021 holiday boxes allow our previous Canadian artists to support and promote new local emerging artists from across Canada,” Laurie Weston, Purolator’s senior director of retail, was quoted as saying.


The boxes are available at Purolator shipping centres across the country.