Fort Simpson passes budget and five-year capital plan

Last modified: November 17, 2021 at 6:54am

The Village of Fort Simpson unanimously passed its 2022 operating and maintenance budget and five-year capital plan on Monday evening.

Together, the budget and plan set out how the village’s funds will be spent and which projects will be completed.

Darrell White, the village’s finance manager, said next year will see a “fairly significant amount of work” including chipsealing, sidewalk repairs, recreation centre upgrades, and composting and landfill upgrades.


Council heard the draft budget for the first time in October. At the time, Mayor Sean Whelly expressed confidence in Fort Simpson’s financial standing.

This year’s budget is 2.64 percent higher than last year’s, with about $159,000 more in expenditures. Driving that number up are the introduction of a paid fire chief position, an increase in wages for some staff, and maintenance costs for the village’s new building.

The operating and maintenance budget currently sits at just above $4,367,000 and water and sewer costs are estimated to be about $1,812,000.

The five-year capital plan – which loads the next two years with projects to allow room in the following years for work yet to be identified – has a budget of $4,180,000.

Multiple grants from different levels of government will augment village funds.


In October, White said administration expects a surplus of just under $60,000.

On Monday, council also discussed cutting its meetings in 2022 from three to two each month. That decision is expected in the next few weeks.