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Hay River contemplates one-way street, wider sidewalk

Hay River's Courtorielle Street is currently under construction as sewer and water infrastructure is upgraded. Town Council is discussing whether to turn the two-way street into a one-way street, widening the storefront's sidewalk in the process. Brad Mapes/Facebook
Construction work in Hay River in 2018. Brad Mapes/Facebook

Hay River’s Courtoreille Street, which is undergoing sewer and water infrastructure upgrades, may become a one-way street when construction finishes.

Mayor Brad Mapes says the move would add character, increase accessibility, and expand green space downtown.

The road is currently a two-way street, feeding into Woodland Drive and Capital Drive. If it becomes a one-way street, traffic will instead flow from Woodland, down Courtoreille, and onto Capital.

Hay River town council will receive quotes from Stantec early next week, after which councillors will decide whether to go ahead with the proposal.



Mapes said the one-way option would mean widening the sidewalk in front of the storefronts to six feet, but added no parking spots would be lost.

A conceptual layout plan for a one-way Courtorielle Street. Brad Mapes/Facebook
A conceptual layout plan for a one-way Courtoreille Street. Brad Mapes/Facebook

“It will provide the opportunity for some of the businesses to have sidewalk sales,” said Mapes. “It would be great to showcase some of our local talent [such as] musicians and artwork.”

Mapes also wants to see more flower planters along the sidewalk. “I personally think it’s been missing … we need to have more green areas in our uptown.”

The sidewalk step in front of stores could also be removed.



“All of those shops would be accessible for all of our visitors and residents,” said Mapes.

On Mapes’ mayoral Facebook page, residents listed numerous other streets and projects they’d like to see money put towards – and asked if the public would have a chance to vote on the outcome of this project.

Mapes responded: “The Courtoreille road was scheduled to be dug up to have utilities redone this year as the structures were beyond their years.

“So the discussion on the one-way was only brought up as the road was being redone anyway. No, there is no public vote on road work, but the public is able to speak prior to the council meeting to voice their concerns.

“I agree many roads in our community are in need of work, and our community is working to replace as much as we can afford each year.”