Low-stimulus Covid-19 vaccination clinic for kids in YK on Sunday

On Sunday, a low-stimulus Covid-19 vaccination clinic for children aged five to 11 will be held at Yellowknife’s Stanton Medical Centre.

The NWT’s health authority said the location “will allow us to provide a space with reduced levels of noise, lowered lighting, and access to calming toys and other resources.”

Longer appointments times will help children settle and give staff time to meet each child’s needs, the authority said.


Bookings for the clinic open on Thursday at 1pm.

The health authority asked people to make appointments to ensure the space remains low-stimulus, allowing staff more time to help with accommodation requests.

Depending on capacity, staff will try to accept walk-ins if there is room.

The Stanton Medical Centre is housed in the building next to Booster Juice and McDonald’s.