Yellowknife store opens zero-waste liquid ‘refillery’

A business providing zero-waste refills for the likes of shampoos, lotions, and cleaning supplies has opened inside Yellowknife’s Mermaid and Moon store.

Residents can bring their own containers to YK Refillery and replenish supplies of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, hand soap, laundry soap, and cleaning fluids, rather than purchase new bottles.

Canadian products are the refillery’s focus, beginning with brands like Oneka Elements (a hair and body care business) and Nature Clean (chemical-free household products).


Soap pump jars are for sale in case consumers didn’t save their previous containers before recycling them.

The refillery’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous for now, said the products selected are chosen with the environment in mind and scent-free options are provided where available.

The business, now selling its first bulk order, expects prices to evolve over time, the aim being to offer products that residents will find affordable.

Containers are weighed before and after they are filled to determine the amount of product purchased.

YK Refillery says it welcomes feedback through its Instagram and Facebook accounts, where updates on products and pricing will be posted.