Yellowknife’s three-day Ptarmicon opens on Friday

Ptarmicon, which bills itself the world’s most northerly gaming convention, begins in Yellowknife on Friday.

The convention, at the city’s Chateau Nova Hotel, features contests, gaming campaigns, and panels starring out-of-town cosplay professionals.

“We’re going to have cosplay panels, workshops, makeup workshops, cosplay contests, Magic (the
Gathering), there will be ongoing DnD campaigns, and various vendors will be out there throughout the
entire convention.” Ptarmicon’s president, Brett Trimble, told Cabin Radio.


Trimble called the convention a “celebration of gaming, nerd and geek culture for Yellowknife and the

He’s expecting 300-plus participants in the weekend’s events. Tickets, ranging from $5 for one session to $25 for a weekend pass, are available via Eventbrite.

Trimble encouraged people of all gaming skill levels to come out to Ptarmicon.

“It’s an open, embracing, inviting, place for anybody who wants to show up and let their freak flag fly,” he said.

Beyond the convention, Ptarmicon’s members host a game night every second Saturday at Northern United Place, and a smaller convention named Thawcon in March.