Woodyard server is latest to receive $1,000 festive YK tip

A server at Yellowknife’s Woodyard brewpub has become the latest to receive $1,000 from a group of women who perform the same act of giving each Christmas.

Last year, a server at the city’s Stake restaurant was the beneficiary. The year before that, the money went to a single mom working at the Chateau Nova Hotel.

This time, the lucky recipient is Jonny Vu.


“So, there are seven ladies at the table – I recognized some but not all of them, I’ve served them before, they are super nice,” Vu told Cabin Radio.

“They asked for the bill, all separate, and they paid and tipped on top of that. But at the end of it they gave me a card, and inside the card was $1,000.

“I was so overwhelmed. They told me they do it every year: they go to a different restaurant, find a random server and give them this.”

A card containing $1,000 was signed by the people who clubbed together to donate the money.

Vu arrived in Yellowknife from Toronto just over half a year ago. Before this happened, he didn’t know about the tales of similar generosity from previous Decembers.

“I had no idea,” he said. “I was blown away.”


The money will be a help, he said, for a trip coming up.

“I’m up here because my girlfriend got a job with the government. I moved with her and took the first job I could get,” he said.

“Her grandma is a little older. We’re going to go visit her. I’m going to use that money to go see her.”