City to hold ‘made in Yellowknife day’ on December 18

City Hall is launching “Yellowknife’s biggest shopping spree contest” in a bid to encourage local spending as Christmas approaches.

Made in Yellowknife Day, on Saturday, December 18, will see the city enter shoppers who buy locally made goods into a draw for a range of prizes. You get one entry for every $20 you spend.

Only purchases made on December 18 count. The city said qualifying purchases are those made from Yellowknife art and craft businesses (either online or at a store), purchases at the city’s craft fairs, and anything bought from a Yellowknife artist.


To enter, you must upload your receipts – or any proof of payment you receive – to the Aurora Coupons app.

There are five prizes, each valued at $1,000. Funding for the contest came from the federal government and NWT Chamber of Commerce.

Winners will be drawn on Monday, December 20.