Cochrane heads to Ottawa for talks with Trudeau

NWT Premier Caroline Cochrane will spend the week in Ottawa, her office said on Monday, including a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss priorities and “advance northern interests.”

Cochrane will also meet with federal cabinet ministers, Governor General Mary Simon, and NWT Senator Dawn Anderson, a news release stated, as well as the NWT’s Liberal MP, Michael McLeod.

“The social and economic challenges that existed before Covid-19 have only been accelerated as a result of the pandemic,” the territorial government stated as it announced Cochrane’s trip.


“Premier Cochrane will be discussing these economic and social challenges that impact our territory, such as infrastructure, roads, broadband, cleaner sources of energy, and affordable housing.”

Cochrane was quoted as saying: “Supporting people to have comparable quality of life and benefits wherever they live is a fundamental Canadian value – and an important part of reconciliation. I appreciate the federal government’s acknowledgement that gaps exist in the North, and their efforts to address them.

“This is why governments in the NWT rely on a collaborative partnership with the federal government. We want to advance priorities that Indigenous leadership, community governments, and residents have identified as important to the future success of our territory.”

The territory said this is Cochrane’s first trip to Ottawa since the pandemic began.

As of Monday, the trip had not been affected by the onset of a fresh global surge of Covid-19 cases attributed to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus responsible for the disease.