Mom wins free burgers for a year, curing daughter’s bad day

Adrienne Cartwright eats the 30,000th burger sold by Yellowknife's Twin Pine Diner
Adrienne Cartwright eats the 30,000th burger sold by Yellowknife's Twin Pine Diner. Jesse Wheeler/Cabin Radio

After her three-year-old daughter failed her swimming class, Adrienne Cartwright and family decided lunch at Yellowknife’s Twin Pine Diner might cheer them up. They were right.

The diner has been running a contest whereby whoever buys its 30,000th burger wins one free burger per week for a year.

Cartwright had no clue how the contest had been progressing when she reached the diner on Friday and ordered the “Evergood” burger from the menu.

Only when said burger emerged with sparklers erupting from its innards did she realize something might be afoot.



“I noticed there were some goings-on in the kitchen, lots of glances back-and-forth between the staff and out into the restaurant,” Cartwright told Cabin Radio.

“I saw our food coming out and there was the most beautiful sparkler fountain coming out of the magic burger. My daughter thought it was pretty thrilling.”

Not that Cartwright was able to fully savour the moment.

“Honestly, at that moment I was trying to prevent my six-month-old son from eating a napkin,” She admitted.



“That was my main focus. Fortunately, the sparkler distracted him long enough to be able to extricate the napkin from his clutches.”

Cartwright, not ordinarily a keen burger fanatic, and her family now have 52 free burgers in their immediate future – a challenge to which she hopes to rise.

“I think I need to make it my goal. They have quite a variety, which I think will help,” she said.

“I’m one of those people who doesn’t usually have this kind of luck when it comes to entries and draws.

“I’m the person who diligently stamps everything at a trade show then goes home empty-handed, so this is pretty exciting for me.”