Yellowknife’s Thursday power outage being investigated

Last modified: December 23, 2021 at 1:34pm

One of the darkest days of a dark year got a little darker on Thursday lunchtime as Yellowknife and surrounding communities lost power for up to an hour.

Power dropped out at 12:10pm. Ten minutes later, the territory’s power corporation confirmed a “full system outage” for Yellowknife and Dettah. Power was not restored to some areas until after 1:15pm.

The power corporation said it was relying on a combination of hydro and diesel from Yellowknife’s Jackfish facility, implying a problem with supply from the hydro system that ordinarily fully powers the city.


“The cause of this outage is currently under investigation,” the corporation wrote.

The temperature in Yellowknife hovered at around -25C at the time of the outage, comparatively warm by the standard of recent days.

Unusually, a set of traffic lights died in the downtown without power or any apparent backup, leading to brief traffic congestion.