GNWT amends exposure page after listing flight that hadn’t taken off

Last modified: December 31, 2021 at 1:56pm

The NWT government on Friday amended its Covid-19 exposure notifications webpage after inadvertently listing an Air Canada flight that had yet to board at the time.

On Thursday afternoon, the territory’s webpage stated that day’s Air Canada flight 8457 from Calgary to Yellowknife was an exposure site, and recommended that travellers in various rows take action.

However, the flight appeared on the GNWT’s website several hours before it was even due to depart Calgary. Ordinarily, flight 8457 has a scheduled departure time of just after 8pm.


On Friday, the webpage was amended to state that Wednesday, December 29’s flight 8457 was the actual site of Covid-19 exposure.

If you were on Wednesday’s flight, head to the exposure notifications webpage for further instructions.

Keeping that page updated has become a battle in recent days as the Omicron variant reaches the NWT, significantly increasing both case counts and exposure locations – all while most GNWT staff are on mandatory leave over the Christmas and New Year break.

The NWT government had already amended an exposure listing for a Christmas Eve Canadian North flight from Inuvik to Norman Wells that did not actually exist, while the owner of Yellowknife’s Raven Pub challenged the GNWT’s declaration of a workplace outbreak at the pub, saying they had received no contact to that effect from public health.

At the time of publication, Covid-19 Secretariat had not responded to requests for clarification regarding the exposure notifications webpage since December 29. After this article was first published, a spokesperson confirmed by phone that the Air Canada flight’s details on the webpage had been amended.