Traps set for wolf reported in Fort Smith area

Recent wolf sightings in Fort Smith are being monitored by wildlife officers and traps have been set, the territorial government said on Wednesday.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said officers had responded to reports of “at least one wolf” and a coyote in the community, Pet owners are encouraged to keep dogs on a leash while walking.

“We are working with a local trapper to set traps and snares in areas where it has been known to frequent,” department spokesperson Mike Westwick said of the wolf.


“We would like to remind folks in the area to call the wildlife line in Fort Smith as soon as they are in a safe place to do so. These kinds of real-time reports with solid location information are extremely important to help our officers take the right actions in the right places quickly.

“We will continue monitoring the situation. Our hope is that the wolf will move along on its own.”

The wildlife line for Fort Smith is given on the GNWT’s website as 1-867-872-0400.