Fort Smith wolf problem escalates, one pet reported killed

A pack of wolves reported outside Fort Smith is responsible for the death of at least one pet, the territorial government said on Thursday.

After residents reported a wolf in the community earlier in the week, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources now says a pack of eight wolves has been seen five kilometres outside Fort Smith along the highway.

“Unfortunately, a pet was recently lost to these wolves,” department spokesperson Mike Westwick told Cabin Radio by email.


“Local officers are patrolling the area, putting up signage, and continuing to work with local trappers to set traps and snares to address the issue.

“We sincerely hope these wolves move along on their own.”

Westwick said one wolf had so far been successfully trapped.

He urged residents to keep pets on a leash, avoid leaving food outdoors, and avoid trails after dark.

Call 867-872-0400 to report any sightings.