Generation issue responsible for power outage in Délınę

The Northwest Territories Power Corporation says a partial power outage in Délınę late last week was the result of a generation issue at the local plant. 

The power outage, first reported by CKLB, affected some areas of the Sahtu community between 9:40am and 2:50pm on Friday. 

According to Environment Canada, the temperature in Délınę was -35C at 9am and -29C at 3pm that day.


Cabin Radio was unable to reach the Délınę Got’ine Government for comment.

Also on Friday, the power corporation cancelled an outage planned between 9am and 1pm in Nahanni Butte.

The original notice for the outage stated it was planned to allow “critical maintenance at the local power plant” and had been scheduled for that time due to a forecast of mild temperatures. The reason for the cancellation was not specified.

Power outages in Yellowknife

There were two brief power outages in Yellowknife early Sunday morning. 


One was a partial outage that affected the city’s downtown and Frame Lake between 2:06am and 2:20am. Doug Prendergast, a spokesperson for the power corporation, said the outage originated from the transmission line between the Snare Forks hydro facility and the Snare transfer station.

A second city-wide outage took place Sunday morning between 6:03am and 6:22am. Predergast said the cause of that outage has not been confirmed but there were reports of high winds.

Prendergast said a previous power outage in Yellowknife on January 24, was the result of “temporary contact on a transmission line” due to high winds. The city-wide outage affected residents and businesses between 8:10pm and 8:38pm.

“Contact from wildlife (primarily birds) and vegetation (tree branches) can interrupt the flow of electricity and cause the system to automatically shut down in order to prevent damage to equipment,” Prendergast explained in an email.