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Final day to vote in Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh by-election

The Yellowknife headquarters of Elections NWT
The Yellowknife headquarters of Elections NWT. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Eligible voters who have yet to cast a ballot in the Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh by-election have until 8pm on Tuesday to do so.

Residents in Dettah, Ndilǫ, Łutsël K’é and Fort Resolution are voting for the region’s next MLA. While ballots mailed on Tuesday won’t arrive in time, they can still be dropped off.

Voters in Dettah and Ndilǫ can give ballot packages to the returning officer on the first floor of the Det’on Cho building in Ndilǫ or to Elections NWT on the third floor of Yellowknife’s YK Centre East building.

For Łutsël K’é and Fort Resolution, voters can arrange for their ballot to be picked up or drop it off at a designated ballot box.



In Łutsël K’é, the representative receiving ballots is Jeanette Lockhart and the drop box is located at the Co-op store. Lorraine Villeneuve will receive ballots in Fort Resolution and the ballot box is located at the Northern store.

A by-election is being held because former MLA Steve Norn’s seat was declared vacant in November.

There are six candidates running in the by-election: Nadine DelormeNornErnest BetsinaRichard EdjericonMary Rose Sundberg and Clinton Unka.

Official results aren’t expected until February 9. According to Elections NWT’s website, ballots from Fort Resolution and Łutsël K’é must travel to Yellowknife where elections workers will open each ballot box, individually open each envelope, and record the vote.