Some NWT residents asked to re-download proof of vaccination

The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority says some residents who recently downloaded electronic proof of vaccination will need to re-download the credential to ensure it can be scanned.

According to a public notice issued by the health authority on Monday, anyone who downloaded their electronic proof of vaccination between noon on January 27 and 1pm on February 3, will need to download a new credential. 

The notice states the online system was recently updated and since then a “small number” of QR codes have not been able to scan. The health authority said the issue has since been corrected and any new credentials should be scannable.


Some businesses and facilities in the NWT have required proof of Covid-19 vaccination upon entry for those aged 12 years and older since a public health order allowing them to do so was introduced in October

Anyone in the NWT who is unable to download their electronic proof of vaccination using the online self-service form can do so in-person at their local health centre or, in Yellowknife, at the lower level of Centre Square Mall next to the elevators. Residents can also request electronic proof of vaccination by emailing