Yellowknife’s Anonymous Art Show returns this week

The annual Anonymous Art Show at Yellowknife’s Down to Earth Gallery will be held from Thursday to Sunday this week.

Anyone wishing to browse this year’s works needs to sign up for a 30-minute time slot on Thursday evening or alternatively attend during the gallery’s regular hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The show is one of the best-attended arts events on the city’s calendar, not least because residents have the opportunity to inexpensively acquire original art that their friends may have produced.


Each six-inch by six-inch work is unsigned on the front, meaning nobody knows who painted what. In the past, contributors have ranged from some of the NWT’s most established professional artists to local children.

Only once a piece is purchased and collected – you can’t collect anything you buy until Sunday, so people have a chance to view all the art – does the buyer discover which artist was responsible.

This year, more than 150 pieces will be available for purchase.