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Experts called to explosive surprise for Fort Smith resident

A file photo of the 4-way stop in Fort Smith, NT. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio
A file photo of Fort Smith, NT. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

On Sunday, a Fort Smith resident was packing up to move when they discovered a small quantity of blasting caps at the back of a cupboard in their home.

Blasting caps are often used in mining and road construction.

Sgt Jesse Gilbert of the Fort Smith RCMP detachment advised the town council of the call on Tuesday night at their regular meeting.

“It wasn’t serious,” he told councillors, adding there was no threat to public safety throughout the incident.



“Just to be safe we brought in members from the K Division EDU [Explosives Disposal Unit] unit to come up,” he said.

“So they flew up Sunday, they seized the explosives, they detonated them Monday morning, and then they flew back.”

Responding to Cabin Radio’s questions, RCMP issued a press release on Thursday stating the explosives were detonated at the local firearms range.

“The RCMP would like to reiterate that the complainant acted appropriately in contacting the detachment when the blasting caps were discovered,” read the statement.

“These types of devices are not uncommon in the North where there is a fair bit of mining and construction activity and would encourage anyone who happens upon them to respond in the same manner and contact your local detachment.”