Vehicle catches fire on Yellowknife Bay

Last modified: April 4, 2022 at 9:06am

A fire on Yellowknife Bay on Sunday evening appeared to involve a Bombardier or similar ice vehicle, two witnesses said.

The fire, which could be seen from many Yellowknife homes overlooking the bay, began shortly before 7pm a short distance beyond some of the city’s houseboats.

There was no immediate word regarding any injuries or the cause of the fire.


Residents with a view of what took place said the vehicle on fire appeared to be a Bombardier or similar snow machine designed to act as a form of “snow coach” on the ice.

Bombardiers are often used in the Northwest Territories as their enclosed cabins provide a more comfortable environment for tours or ice fishing expeditions.

A separate witness believed the vehicle to have been a side-by-side fitted with tracks. No confirmation was immediately available and nor was it clear if municipal authorities had attended the scene, which lay beyond the ordinary orbit of Yellowknife’s emergency services.

Sunday’s fire seen from Yellowknife. Photo: Rob Osborne
The remains of the vehicle following the fire. Photo: Rob Osborne