CKHR’s Fresh Bakes finds a home on Tuesdays at the Cabin

Last modified: August 28, 2018 at 6:23pm

Jared and Scott deliver the freshest bakes and hottest takes from the south side of the lake. Good talk, good tunes, good eats.

Recorded live from an outmoded radio studio inside Hay River’s infamous Highrise, Fresh Bakes is a show which features two guys eating baked goods and talking about current events – thankfully, not at the same time (well, sometimes).

Hosts Jared and Scott are enthusiastic amateur bakers and know just enough about radio broadcasting to be dangerous. Join them as they discuss the goings-on in the NWT’s South Slave region and struggle to find less discomforting synonyms for the word ‘moist’.


If you’re a fan of rank amateurism, indie music, mind-numbing philosophical quandaries (“Is cereal soup?”) and occasional bits of sincerity – this may be your new favourite show!

Listen Tuesday nights, 9-11pm on Cabin Radio. You can get in touch with Jared and Scott on Twitter.