NWT’s Hendrik Falck receives national mentorship award

Northwest Territories geoscientist Hendrik Falck has received a national award for his “sustained and inspirational mentorship of colleagues.”

Falck, a former president of Geoscientists Canada who had already been nationally recognized for his own work two years ago, now receives the Canadian Federation of Earth Scientists’ mentorship award.

His nomination for the award stated: “With his broad experience and a generous mandate to conduct research that encourages exploration for the future economic engines of the territory, Hendrik has supported the research and experience of nearly 100 students and young professionals.


“Using his contacts with industry, academia and government, he has developed a wide array of research projects from identifying the research problem, advocating for the research funds, developing the logistics to support the project and participating in the fieldwork.”

Falck told Cabin Radio the award was a “very pleasant surprise and very humbling to receive.”

He described having sponsored and supported students for the past 30 years, in many cases providing oversight as young researchers head out into the wilderness for the first time.

“It’s ensuring that they stay alive but also learning what their topics and questions are, and working with them as they take their rocks back to southern laboratories or, in some cases, work with them up here at Aurora College or other places,” he said.

“You have to make sure they have the resources and support they need – and a shoulder, when that’s needed, or cheering them on when it’s not.”